Toogoolawah Feedlot
Phone 07 5423 1752
QCTA South East Zone
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President: Greg Blatchly 0428 137836 - Treasurer: Kylie Chambers 0409 631119 B/H
Shooting layouts are being relocated within the showgrounds.
Toogoolawah Showgrounds Caravan Bookings - Jonella Dargusch 0417 738 590
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Results 22-1-2017
Thank you Toowoomba CTC
50T Double Barrel
Sponsor Kilcoy Tyrepower
1st AA: A.Donaldson 50/50
2nd G. Gordon 49/50
1st A: B. Guthrie 48/50
2nd A C.Hesbrook 40/50
1st B: K. Butson 48/50
2nd R. Pointon 65/68
1st C: S. Wilson 45/50
2nd T.Aylward 41/50
50T Points Score
Sponsor J&K Chambers
1st AA: G. Gordon 146/150
2nd D. Johnson 144/150
1st A: C. Hesbrook 134/150
2nd B. Guthrie 125/150
1st B: K. Butson 148/150
2nd T. Ham 132/150
1st C: S. Wilson 124/150
2nd J. Pointon 122/150
Overall Veteran: K. Simpson 191/200
Overall Junior: A. Donaldson 187/200
Results 23-4-2017
100T Champion of Champions
Sponsored by Citi-Steel Pty Ltd
Overall: Bill Slegtenhorst 143/150
AA:1st - Brett Brown 134/150
 2nd - Gregg Blatchly 123/150
A: 1st - Brian Guthrie 130/150
  2nd - Fay Mills 127/150
B: 1st - John Chambers 131/150
  2nd - Dan Pointon 126/150
C: 1st - Ben Chambers 125/150
  2nd - Alexander Quinn 114/150
Veteran: Stewart McPherson 119/150
Lady: Kylie Chambers 103/150
Junior: Rivers Pointon 123/150
No Shoot in May
Results 23-6-2017 Not Available
No Shoot in July
Results 26-3-2017
No results Available
Today 23-9-2017 the very first shots were fired on the new layouts at
Toogoolawah Clay Target Club.
Photos 24-9-2017 - Click to Enlarge
Results 26-2-17
100T Medley
Overall: S. Reynolds 163/180
AA: 1st L. Sousaari 161/180
2nd G. Blatchly 130/150
3rd G. Paviour 128/150
A: 1st B. McKechnie 134/150
2nd B. McDonald 131/150
3rd P. Lynch 130/150
B: 1st B. Barnes 126/150
2nd J. Chambers 124/150
3rd R. Wilson 122/150
C: 1st K. Chambers 109/150
2nd M. Lynch 107/150
3rd J. Shand 102/150
Veteran: J. Edmonds 128/150
Results 22-5-2016
50T Double Barrel - 50T Continental
AA: 1st Bill Slegtenhorst 98/100
2nd Col Gurski 97/100
A: 1st Len Suosaai 97/100
2nd Ian Boycon 97/100
B: 1st Merinda Welke 98/100
2nd Dan Pointon 94/100
C: 1st John Chambers 93/100
2nd Craig Blatchly 92/100
Graham Paremain Memorial Plate
DTL Trap - B Grade
2016 Merinda Welke 98/100
Presented by Graham Smith
Results 26-6-2016
50T D/B - 25T - 25T Points
AA: Scott Trafford 50/50
A: Thomas Brett 58/59
B: Dan Pointon 70/71
C: Rivers Pointon 53/57
AA: 1st Elwynn Hass 175/179
2nd Scott Traford 173/179
A: 1st Brian Battle 144/150
2nd Thomas Brett 141/150
B: 1st Merinda Welke 166/170
2nd Tom Ham 163/170
C; 1st Rivers Pointon 138/150
2nd Justin Lovell 135/154
Veteran: Brian Battle
Junior: Thomas Brett
Annual Results 2016
Saturday: 50T Points
Overall: Phil Keller 169/174
AA: 1st Bill Slegenhorst 168/174
     2nd Tony Gurski 153/159
A: 1st Ken Butson 144/150
    2nd Merinda Welke 143/150
B: 1st Phil Spencer 144/150
    2nd Dan Pointon 142/150
C: 1st Scott Reynolds 135/150
    2nd Steven Wilson 133/150
Junior: Jorja Pointon 126/150
Sunday: 25T Points
Overall: Merinda Welke 86/86
AA: 1st Thomas Brett 85/86
     2nd Grant Paviour 94/95
A: 1st Terry Morony 74/75
     2nd Stephen Sellars 77/82
B: 1st Stewart McPherson 75/75
     2nd Frank Robinson 74/75
C: 1st Cody Spencer 71/75
     2nd Steven Wilson 68/76
50T Double Barrel
Overall: Alan Mills 50/50
AA: 1st Dan Johnson 56/57
     2nd Grant Paviour 55/57
A: 1st  Len Suosaari 56/57
     2nd Ken Butson 55/57
B: 1st Dan Pointon 48/50
     2nd Bevan Barnes 48/51
C: 1st Ben Chambers 48/50
     2nd Cody Spencer 50/54
Junior: Jorja Pointon 43/50
Lady: Merinda Welke 48/50
Veteran: Bill McKechnie 49/50
25T Continental
Overall: Dan Johnson 30/30
AA: 1st Michael Swale 29/30
     2nd Phil Keller 28/30
A: 1st Terry Morony 28/28
     2nd Merinda Welke 27/28
B: 1st Steward McPherson 25/26
     2nd Dan Pointon 24/26
C: 1st Fiona Perry 23/25
     2nd Cody Spencer 25/28
High Gun
Overall: Michael Swale 148/150
AA: Dan Johnson 146/150
A: Merinda Welke 148/150
B: Phil Spencer 143/150
C: Cody Spencer 139/150
Junior: Rivers Pointon 140/150
Lady: Fay Mills 137/150
Veteran: Terry Morony 147/150
Results 24-7-2016
30T Double Barrel
Sponsor: Pointon Fencing
AA: 1st John Gemmill 68/68
AA: 2nd Thomas Brett 67/68
A: 1st Merinda Welke 30/30
A: 2nd Len Suosaari 56/57
B: 1st Rivers Pointon 36/36
B: 2nd Kerry Wade 35/36
C; 1st Trevor Mellor 56/56
C: 2nd Scott Reynolds 55/56
Ladies Encouragement: Kylie Chambers
Junior Encouragement: Jorja Pointon
50T Handicap
Sponsor: Elwyn Hass
1st: Dan Pointon 50/52
2nd Ben Chambers 49/52
3rd Brian Guthrie 66/69
4th John Buckland 65/69
5th Matt Swadling 52/56
25T Side by Side
Sponsor: Rod Wilson
1st John Chambers 24/25
2nd Scott Reynolds 23/25
On Sunday 27th August 2017 Toogoolawah Clay Target club members travelled to Toowoomba for the monthly shoot. Thank you Toowoomba Clay target club members for letting us use you club for the last 12 months on and off.
The huge news is Toogoolawah Clay target club is up and going again after 12mths of no home we have one now. Yah whoo.
So on the 24th September the club is have their first shoot at Toogoolawah, So come along and support us as we have missed seeing all your friendly faces.
It will be 100 target event so come along and bust some clays.
AA: 1st Phil Keller Sponsors Rivers & Jorja Pointon of R & J Hunts with Toogoolawah Clay Target Club President Gregg Blatchly
AA: 2nd Viv Nolan
Results 28-8-2016
50T Points, 50T Continental
AA 1st - G. Blatchly 191/200
2nd - R. Fett 189/200
A 1st - L. Soussarri 194/200
2nd - J. Edmonds 191/200
B 1st - R. Pointon 191/200
2nd - D. Pointon 189/200
C 1st - T. Mellor 185/200
2nd K. Chambers 177/200
Lady - J. Pointon 172/200
B: 1st Dan Pointon  Sponsors Rivers & Jorja Pointon of R & J Hunts
with Toogoolawah Clay Target Club President Gregg Blatchly
B: 2nd Rivers Pointon
A: 1st Peter Neideck Sponsors Rivers & Jorja Pointon of R & J Hunts
with Toogoolawah Clay Target Club President Gregg Blatchly
A: 2nd Kerry Hickmott
C: 1st Wayne Turner Sponsors Rivers of R & J Hunts
with Toogoolawah Clay Target Club President Gregg Blatchly
Toogoolawah members enjoying a shoot at the Redcliffe