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Richard Morrison 0438 107255
Western Zone Condamine
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Richard Morrison
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Scrubby Creek Club 50th Anniversary
Results and Photos 2017
Results and Photos here - More Photos here
Carnival Allocations 2020
Western Zone Trench Carnival
Surat Clay Target Club
16th May 2020
Western Zone Trap Carnival
Condamine Gun Club
25th & 26th July 2020
Western Zone Skeet Carnival
Roma Clay Target Club
1st & 2nd August 2020

Championship Allocations 2020
State Niqht Double Barrel
Surat 17th April 2020
Commonwealth State Night Single Barrel
Cunnamulla 8th May 2020
Commonwealth Deauville Doubles
Charleville 11th July 2020
State Niqht Skeet
Roma 1st August 2020
State Continental Points Score
Dalby 23rd August 2020
State Night Mixed Targets
St George 4th September 2020

Surat Clay Target Club
20th May 2017 Results Western Zone Trench Championships
It was a great day with 21 shooters from 6 clubs
Well done to everyone who attended the day
It was great to see a few new shooters having a go
Results for the day and Western Zone Teams:
Overall: Steph Pile
A Grade- Rod Woodrow, B Grade- Brett Pile, C Grade- Viv Moore
Junior- Brayden McKee
Open Team
1. Brett Pile 2. Rod Woodrow 3. Mal Collins 4. Geoff Moore, 5. Clayton Cusack
6. Dean Cuscack
1st Reserve- Richard Morrison
Ladies Team
1. Steph Pile, 2. Viv Moore, 3. Nicky Robertson, 1st Reserve- Jill Moore
Junior Team
1. Steph Pile, 2. Brayden McKee, 3. Lockie Broom
Veteran Team
1. Mal Collins, 2. Geoff Scott, 3. Jeff Ferrier
Western Zone Surat
Results 2018

QCTA Western Zone St George Clay Target Club
Trap Carnival Results 27th & 28th July.2019
Weather Fine & Sunny - 101 Shooters
25T Points Score Cash Divide;
AA: 1st Mal Collins, Byron Hewitt, Brodie Hewitt, Brett Pile 75/75
A: 1st Steph Mills 75/75, 2nd Jill Moore / Davo Back 74/75
B: 1st Hannah Bischoff 74/75, 2nd Robbie Harms 72/75
3rd John Fea & Mike Davies 70/75
C: 1st Gene Beck 67/75, 2nd Ian Dries 65/75, 3rd Grant White 61/75
50T Single Barrel; Overall: 1st Brett Pile 50/50
AA: 1st Brad Cowley 57/58, 2nd Bill Pavy 56/58, 3rd Daryl Stevens 56/58
A: 1st David Back 48/50, 2nd Alan Pack 55/59, 3rd Ross Morris 54/59
B: 1st David Easton 49/50, 2nd David Lehman 45/50, 3rd John Fea 44/50
C: 1st Cherilyn Bickers 41/50, 2nd Grant White 37/50, 3rd Lauren Cross 36/50
Lady: 1st Jessica Harris 47/50
Junior: 1st Jack Bischoff 49/53
Veteran: 1st Kevin Hatch 46/50
50T Double Barrel; Overall: 1st Daryl Stevens 194/194
AA: 1st Richard Morrison 193/194, 2nd Geoff Moore 192/193, 3rd Greg Kocho 157/158
A: 1st Breanna Collins 54/54, 2nd Steph Mills 53/54, 3rd Pat Saunders 878/88
B: 1st Mike Davies 49/51, 2nd Bruce Webster 48/51, 3rd Corie Pukullus 56/58
C: 1st Toni White 46/50, 2nd Leslie Mackenzie 45/50, 3rd Ian Dries 444/50
Lady: 1st Celeste Barnes 49/50
Junior: 1st Jack Bischoff 49/50
Veteran: 1st Eddie Mills 50/51
25T Handicap; 1st Pat Moloney 31/31
2nd Shane Young 30/31, 3rd Brett Trindall 25/26, 4th Jill Moore 30/31
5th Mark Robertson 29/31
50T Points Score Championship; Overall: 1st Bill Pavy 150/150
AA: 1st Brodie Hewitt 149/150, 2nd Brett Pile 241/243, 3rd Craig Bischoff 240/243
A: 1st David Back 147/150, 2nd Lachlan Hansen-Crawford 146/150
3rd Breanna Collins 145/150
B: 1st Corie Pukullus 141/150, 2nd John Fea 141/156, 3rd Mary-Anne Easton 139/156
C: 1st Gene Beck 133/150, 2nd Lauren Cross 126/150, 3rd Tristan Furphy 120/150
Lady: 1st Viv Moore 143/150
Junior: 1st Brayden McKee 147/150
Veteran: 1st Greg Kocho 144/150
15 Pair Double Rise Championship; Overall: 1st Kiwi Morrison 44/50
AA: 1st Brodie Hewitt 43/50, 2nd Mark Robertson 35/40, 3rd Mal Collins 32/40
A: 1st Nicky Robertson 27/30, 2nd Brian Muirson 26/30, 3rd Sam Moore 33/40
B: 1st Corie Pukullus 32/40, 2nd David Lehmann 29/40, 3rd David Easton 29/40
C: 1st Tristian Furphy 23/30, 2nd Gene Beck 22/30, 3rd Laureen Cross 20/30
Overall: Brodie Hewitt 372/380
AA: Brett Pile 367/380, A: David Back 366/380
B: Corie Pukullus 337/380, C: Gene Beck 309/380
Ladies: Viv Moore 355/380, Junior: Brayden McKee 359/380, Veteran: Greg Kocho 354/380

St George Clay Target Club - QCTA Western Zone Teams 2019
Open: Brodie Hewitt, Brett Pile, Geoff Moore, Craig Bischoff, Gareth Graham, Rodney Woodrow
Reserves: Richard Morrison, Byron Hewitt
Ladies: Breanna Collins, Viv Moore, Jessica Harris,
Reserves; Celeste Barnes, Jill Moore, Mary-Anne Easton
Juniors: Brayden McKee, Breanna Collins, Lachlan Hansen-Crawford
Reserves; Jack Bischoff Sean Beckmann, Blake Mills
Veterans: Greg Kocho, Alan Pack, Spike Scouller
Reserves: John Fea, Eddie Mills, Bruce Webster
Kev Knight Flyer - Thanks to Woody/Wendy
Western Zone Team for the State Trap Townsville 2018
Western Zone Open Team won the team event at the State shoot in Townsville 2018
Ladies QCTA State High Gun Jill Moore 2018
The Qld Ladies Team from 2018 ISSF Trap Nationals (all from Western Zone!) Stephanie Pile Jessica Harris, and Viv Moore. Echuca, Victoria Janruary 2018
Western Zone Junior Team (Jack Bishop absent)
won the team event at the State shoot in Townsville 2018
Accredited Coaches
Paul Rollings L1-Robert Nugent L1-Rodney Woodrow L2
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Western Zone Trap Carnival Condamine 2020
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