PO Box 276 Kingaroy 4610
Phone Peter 0427 256197 - Clubhouse shoot days 07 4162 5292
Club location:
Approx 5km from town on the corner of Goodger and Aerodrome Roads, opposite the south-west corner of the airport
Our club shoots competition on the first Sunday of the month - See Programs for more details
Visitors are welcome - Powered Caravan and Camping sites $10 per night (ACTA Members Only) Phone Col 07 4162 3582
Five DTL layouts with Canterbury Traps and Voice Release
Practice every Wednesday Afternoon at 4.00pm
President: Gary Brown
Secretary: Peter Powne
Treasurer: Robert Horn
Kingaroy Aerial Video December 2017 - here
Program of Events 2019 - here
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QCTA Western Zone
Results 6th January 2019
31 Shooters
Event 1: Double Barrel
C: Pascal Stiller 22/25
B: Sheree Prendergast 23/25
A: Lachlan Crawford 24/25
AA: Cameron Brown 49/49
Event 2: Single Barrel
C: Ken Kruger 23/25
B: Vic Stiller 21/25
A: Gary Schneider 25/25
AA: Cameron Brown 25/25
Event 3: Handicap
Third: Lachlan Crawford 39/41
Second: Pascal Stiller 40/41
First: John Tully 25/25
Event 4: Points Score
C: Max Behm 65/75
B: Denis Harwood 69/75
A: Mal Rankin 73/75
AA: Cameron Brown 75/75
C: Pascal Stiller 130/150
B: Sheree Prendergast 131/150
A: Mal Rankin 138/150
AA: Cameron Brown 148/150
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Queensland Police and Services Results November 2016 - here
QPCTC Annual 2 Day Shoot Results September 2015 - here
Kingaroy W/Zone Trap Results July 2014 - here
Past Annual Results:  2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 N/A - 2016 - 2017 N/A - 2018
Commonwealth Trap Results September 2014 - here
Results 3rd March 2019
Sellwood Constructions Day
Windy & Cloudy 16 Shooters
Clubs, Condamine - England
Event 1: 30T Medley
C: Damon Zelinski 30/50
B: Ken Mills 42/50
A: Lachie Crawford 47/50
AA: Cameron Brown 50/50
Event 2: 25T Double Barrel
C: Damon Zelinski 15/25
B: Ken Mills 24/25
A: Lachie Crawford 25/25
AA: Gary Brown 25/25
Event 3: 25T Points
C: Damon Zelinski 62/75
B: Russel Karracher 71/75
A: Scott Prendergast 72/75
AA: Mike Stewart 74/75
Event 4: 25T Continental
C: Damon Zelinski 15/25
B: Ken Mills 22/25
A: Scott Prendergast 23/25
AA: Cameron Brown 33/33
C: Damon Zelinski 122/175
B: Ken Mills 155/175
A: Lachie Crawford 159/175
AA: Cameron Brown 170/175
Results 7th April 2019
Event 1: 25T Double Barrel
AA: Potor Mac
A: P Powne
B: R Carrachor
C: M Carrachor
Event 2: 50T Points
AA: C Brown
A: M Rankin
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
Event 3: 25T Continental
AA: S Gittins
A: L Crawford
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
AA: C Brown
A: M Rankin
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
Jackpot Winner
G Kocho
Results 2nd June 2019
Cold, Windy 25 Shooters
30T Medley
C: N Kamellien 35/50
B: P O'Hanlon 45/50
A: P Powne 48/50
AA: S Gittins 71/75
25T Double Barrel
C: N Kamellien 21/25
B: P O'Hanlon 25/25
A: P Powne 52/53
AA: P Clarkson 44/45
25T Points Score
C: D Zelinski 58/75
B: P O' Hanlon 54/75
A: J Tully 72/75
AA: C Brown 74/75
25T Continental
C: N Glover 22/25
B: K Kruger 22/25
A: J Tully 31/32
AA: C Brown 25/25
C: N Glover 126/175
B: P O'Hanlon 157/175
A: J Tully 162/175
AA: C Brown 170/175