PO Box 276 Kingaroy 4610
Phone Peter 0427 256197 - Clubhouse shoot days 07 4162 5292
Club location:
Approx 5km from town on the corner of Goodger and Aerodrome Roads, opposite the south-west corner of the airport.
Our club shoots competition on the Third Sunday of the month
Visitors are welcome - Powered Caravan and Camping sites $10 per night (ACTA Members Only) Phone Col 07 4162 3582
Five DTL layouts with ProMatic Traps
Practice every Wednesday Afternoon at 3.00pm
President: Gary Brown
Secretary: Peter Powne
Treasurer: Robert Horn
Kingaroy Aerial Video December 2017 - here
Thank You to Our Sponsors
Bronz Wing Cartridges
CWB Plumbing
Chooks Mini Bobcat Hire
BGA Agri Services
Farmoz & Pioneer Seeds
Ken Anderson Fruit Market
Kingaroy Freight Express
Ranson Timber Company
Thorp's Jewellers
Sunshine Coast C.T. C
Queensland Police C.T.C
Tingoora Hotel
Yesberg Earthmoving
Sunpack (Swickers)
Ken Mills Toyota
Commercial Hotel
Wooroolin Veterinary Services
Klngaroy Mower Centre
G. N. Crumpton & Sons
QCTA Western Zone
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Club Links
Queensland Police and Services Results November 2016 - here
QPCTC Annual 2 Day Shoot Results September 2015 - here
Kingaroy W/Zone Trap Results July 2014 - here
Past Annual Results:  2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 N/A - 2016 - 2017 N/A - 2018
Commonwealth Trap Results September 2014 - here
Results 3rd March 2019
Sellwood Constructions Day
Windy & Cloudy 16 Shooters
Clubs, Condamine - England
Event 1: 30T Medley
C: Damon Zelinski 30/50
B: Ken Mills 42/50
A: Lachie Crawford 47/50
AA: Cameron Brown 50/50
Event 2: 25T Double Barrel
C: Damon Zelinski 15/25
B: Ken Mills 24/25
A: Lachie Crawford 25/25
AA: Gary Brown 25/25
Event 3: 25T Points
C: Damon Zelinski 62/75
B: Russel Karracher 71/75
A: Scott Prendergast 72/75
AA: Mike Stewart 74/75
Event 4: 25T Continental
C: Damon Zelinski 15/25
B: Ken Mills 22/25
A: Scott Prendergast 23/25
AA: Cameron Brown 33/33
C: Damon Zelinski 122/175
B: Ken Mills 155/175
A: Lachie Crawford 159/175
AA: Cameron Brown 170/175
Results 7th April 2019
Event 1: 25T Double Barrel
AA: Potor Mac
A: P Powne
B: R Carrachor
C: M Carrachor
Event 2: 50T Points
AA: C Brown
A: M Rankin
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
Event 3: 25T Continental
AA: S Gittins
A: L Crawford
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
AA: C Brown
A: M Rankin
B: R Carrachor
C: K Krugor
Jackpot Winner
G Kocho
Results 2nd June 2019
Cold, Windy 25 Shooters
30T Medley
C: N Kamellien 35/50
B: P O'Hanlon 45/50
A: P Powne 48/50
AA: S Gittins 71/75
25T Double Barrel
C: N Kamellien 21/25
B: P O'Hanlon 25/25
A: P Powne 52/53
AA: P Clarkson 44/45
25T Points Score
C: D Zelinski 58/75
B: P O' Hanlon 54/75
A: J Tully 72/75
AA: C Brown 74/75
25T Continental
C: N Glover 22/25
B: K Kruger 22/25
A: J Tully 31/32
AA: C Brown 25/25
C: N Glover 126/175
B: P O'Hanlon 157/175
A: J Tully 162/175
AA: C Brown 170/175
Results  12th July 2019
Cold and Windy
25 Shooters
100T Continental
Overall: M Rankin 93/100
AA: 1st G Kocho
2nd G Brown
A: 1st L Hansen-Crawford
2nd G Schneider
B: 1st K Kruger
2nd P O' Hanlon
C: 1st N Glover
2nd N Khmelinin.
Results 4th August 2019
Fine and Sunny
25 Shooters
100T Points Score
Overall: S Prendergast 288/300
AA: 1st G Kocho 283/300
2nd P Clarkson 276/300
A 1st G Schnider 271/300
2nd R Horn 257/300
B: 1st K Mills 267/300
2nd G Facer 263/300;
C: 1st R Brittain 271/300
2nd N Glover 243/300
Results 1st September 2019
Sunny and Dry
20 Shooters
100T Double Barrel
Overall: P Clarkson 98/100
AA: 1st C Brown 98/100
2nd M Stewart 93/100
3rd A Thorp 92/100
A: 1st A Ford 99/104
2nd L Hansen-Crawford 98/104
3rd G Schneider 93/10
B: 1st P O'Hanlon 88/100
2nd K Kruger 84/100
3rd R Horn 80/100
C: 1st R Brittain 94/100
2nd N Glover 92/100
3rd D Zelinski 81/100
2020 Shoot Programs
19th January
15th & 16th February
Annual Trap Carnival
See Flyer
15th March 10.00am
19th April 10.00am
17th May 10.00am
21st June 10.00am
19th July 10.00am
16th August 10.00am
20th September 10.00am
18th October 10.00am
15th November 10.00am
20th December 10.00am
Kingaroy Results 19-1-2020
34 Shooters - Weather Hot
25T Double Barrel
AA: Steve Kelly 40/40
A: Ross Spencer 25/25
B: Dennis Harwood 24/26
C: Damon Zelinski 24/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Garry Brown 23/25
A: Greg Kocho 27/29
B: Nathan Glover 21/25
C: Stephen McCullough 22/25
25T Points Score
AA: John Gemmell 74/75
A: Lochie Crawford 70/75
B: Dennis Harwood 69/75
C: Damon Zelinski 64/75
25T Continental
AA: Scott Gittins 26/27
A: Michael Large 34/35
B: Nathan Glover 24/27
C: Stephen McCullough 22/25
AA: Jogh Gremmell 144/150
A: Lochie Crawford 137/150
B: Dennia Harwood 133/150
C: Stephen McCullough 129/150
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