QLD South East Zone
QCTA South East Zone
10th March 1904
Bundaberg Tourism
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President - George Christensen  Mob 0428 753511    E-mail
Secretary Kaye Rehbein PO Box 781 Bundaberg 4670
Phone 07 4151 3194 BHrs Fax 07 4153 3847
Club Location - Lot 20 Kay McDuff Drive Thabeban Bundaberg
Programs and Events 2017
January 7th No Skeet
January 8th Trap 10.30am
February 5th Trap 10.30am
March 4th Skeet 12 Noon
March 5th Trap 10.30am
April 1st Skeet 12 Noon
April 2nd Trap 10.30am
May 6th Skeet 12 Noon
May 7th Trap 10.30am
June 3rd Skeet 12 Noon
June 4th Trap 10.30am
July 1st Skeet 12 Noon
July 2nd Trap 10.30am
July 29th Skeet 12 Noon
August 5th & 6th 9.00am
Annual Trap Carnival
September 2nd Saturday
Trench 11.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
September 3rd Trap 10.30am
October 7th Saturday
Trench 11.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
October 15th Trap 10.30am
October 28th & 29th 9.00am
South East Zone Trap Carnival
November 4th Saturday
Trench 11.00am
Skeet 12.00 Noon
November 5th Trap 10.30am
December 3rd AGM 9.30am
Christmas Trap/Skeet 11.00am
Programs 2018
January 6th Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Doubles Cash Divide
25T Skeet Handicap
January 7th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
50T D/B Points Championship
25T Handicap
February 3rd Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
25T Off the Gun
50T Handicap
February 4th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
25T Single Barrel
25T Double Barrel 18mts
25T Continental Championship
March 3rd Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
25T Off the Gun
25T Championship
25T Handicap
March 4th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
25T Single Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Graded H/C
15 Pair Double Rise
20 Pair D/D Drawn Partner 1/2 H/C
April 7th Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
25T Off the Gun
25T Handicap
25T Doubles
April 8th Trap D/B Pts Day 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Points
25T D/B Points
Badge Overall On 100 Targets
April 28th Skeet 12 Noon
50T Handicap
25T Doubles Cash Divide
May 12th Trench 10.00am
May 13th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
20T Medley 10T 15m - 10T Grade H/C
25T Double Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Continental
June 2nd Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
25T Off the Gun Cash Divide
25T Championship
25T Handicap
June 3rd Trap D/B Pts Day 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
30T Med 10T D/B, 10T S/B, 10T Points
25T Single Barrel
15 Pair D/Rise Championship
If A Tie, Countback on Points
June 30th Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Dick Snow Memorial H/C
25T Doubles Cash Divide
July 1st Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
25T Single Barrel
25T Double Barrel Handicap
25T Mixed Championship
July 28th Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Doubles Cash Divide
25T Off the Gun Cash Divide
August 4th & 5th Trap
Annual 2 Day Shoot
A.C.T.A Journal
Practice 3rd August from 2.3opm
September 1st Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Off the Gun Cash Divide
25T Championship
September 2nd Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
25T Double Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Continental
October 6th Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
25T Off the Gun Cash Divide
25T Handicap
25T Reverse Skeet (Novelty)
October 7th Trap 10.30am
50T Double Barrel
50T Points
November 3rd Trench 10.00am
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Handicap Cash Divide
25T Championship
November 4th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
25T Single Barrel
25T Points Championship
15 Pair Double Rise
20 Pair D/D D/Partner 1/2 H/C
December 2nd To be Advised
A.G.M. 9.30am
Christmas Shoot 11.00am
Bundaberg Targets Commonwealth Games Shooters with new Olympic Grade facility
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2018 Bundaberg Membership form - here
South East Zone Bundaberg Trap Carnival
28th & 29th October 2017 Program TBA
Trench at Bundaberg TBA
Phone: Corey  0427 119479
From the Past - Bundaberg Results 4th, 5th December 1986 - Scroll Down
A Blast from 2010 Click it
Bundaberg Annual Results 6th & 7th August 2016
91 Shooters - Cool Slight Breeze
25T Cash Divide
AA: A Hubbard, K Busteed, G Jacobsen, A Bylsma, S Bylsma
C Bylsma, C Cusack, B Pavy, J McIntyre, R Rehbein, S Pendergast
P Rehbein, J Gemmill and C Salafia 25/25
A: M Howard, G Findlay and D Barletta 25/25
B: S Streeter, A Fisher, D Johnson, V Gee and P Powne 24/25
C: B Pendergast 24/25, J Lincoln and D Christensen 23/25
25 Double Barrel Handicap 1st R Shaxson 33/35
2nd A Bylsma 31/33, 3rd P Rehbein 30/32, 4th G Barker 28/30
50T Double Barrel Championship Overall: C Salafia 92/92
AA: 1st K Goody 91/92, 2nd G Durre 86/87
A: 1st M Howard 50/50, 2nd I Wynyard 49/50
B: 1st A Fisher 48/50, 2nd K Jones 48/50
C: 1st B Chambers 46/50, 2nd B Prendergast 45/50
Ladies: Kaye Rehbein 48/50, Veterans: J Gemmill 49/50
Junior: B Charteris 49/50
25T Single Barrel Championship: Overall: W Pavy 25/25
AA: 1st N Berry 24/25, 2nd C Dean 24/25
A: 1st L Thompson 23/25, 2nd G Chizzotti 23/25
B: 1st A Scattabelotti 23/25, B 2nd P Powne 23/25
C: 1st B Prendergast 20/25, 2nd J Brimelow 20/25
Junior: A Bylsma 24/25
50T Double Barrel Points Championship: Overall: C Barletta 150/150
AA: 1st A Bylsma 149/150, 2nd C Cusack 147/150
A: 1st I Wynyard 143/150, 2nd G Jensen 143/150
B: 1st S Streeter 136/150, 2nd W Waldon 131/150
C: 1st B Pendergast 133/150, 2nd H Iida 122/150
Ladies: L Thompson 140/150
Veterans: R Rehbein 144/150
Juniors: A Fisher 129/150
25T Continental Championship Overall: W Pavy 53/53
AA: 1st A Bylsma 52/53,2nd G Wright 51/52
A: 1st G Findlay 24/25,2nd B Charteris 24/25
B: 1st K Jones 24/25,2nd D Johnson 24/25
C: 1st W Stringer 24/25, C 2nd A Didone 24/25
Junior: B Prendergast 23/25
High Gun
Overall: A Bylsma 292/300
AA: S Bylsma 288/300
A: G Findlay 280/300
B: R Shaxson 266/300
C: B Prendergast 267/300
Veterans: R Rehbein 288/300
Ladies: L Thompson 269/300
Juniors: A Fisher 262/300
Bundaberg Results 4th, 5th December 1986
Fine, warm (Perfect) 30 Shooters
25T Double Barrel 15m SIS
A: B. Zimpel, R. Rehbein, B.Palmer, A. Richardson
W. Scarborough, D. Robinson, all 25-25
B: D. Griffiths, G. Plath both 24-25
C: C. Hockey 24-25
25T Double Barrel 15m
A: R.  Rehbein 70-70, P. Rehbein 69-70
B: J. Woodall 25-25, B. Stolberg, 25-26
C: C. Hockey 22·25, C. Bunnag 21-26
25T Double Barrel Points Championship 15m
O/A: R. Rehbein 80-81
A: B. Zimpel 88-90
B: D. Griffiths 77-81
C: C. Bunnag67-75
25T Double Barrel Championship
O/A: R. Rehbein 55-55
A: P. Rehbein 51-52
B. Zimpel 71-72, K. Vicary 25-26
L. Dalton 24-26
C: C. Hockey 24-25, S. Plath 23-25
40T Double Barrel Cash Handicap
A. Richardson 71-72, P. Rehbein 70-72
B. Palmar 68-70; 11-15mtrs
C. Hockey 60-63; 16-20mtrs
W. Scarborough, K. Vicary, K. Harrower, D. Jones 38-40; 21-25mtrs
D. Robinson 37-40
Team Shoot W1nners: Bundy - P. Rehbem, B. Palmar, S. Heidrich
S. Plath, R. Rehbein, K. Rehbein
15 Pair Double Rise 15m
A: B. Palmar 26-30, W. Scarborough 25-30
B: K. Palmar 24-30. K. Vicary 24-30
C: C. Bunnag 22-30, E. Turton 20-30
FM 11-15 High Gun: C. Bunnag 189-220
BM 16-25 High Gun: W. Scarborough 211-220
Ladies High Gun: Kaye Rehbein 193-220
Results 3rd September 2016
50T OTG Skeet
 A: A Bozier 49/50
B: R Burrows 39/50
C: I Wynyard & R West 37/50 
 25T Skeet Championship
 Overall: G Findlay 25/25
A: G Findlay 25/25
B: K Rehbein 20/25
C: P Rehbein 22/25
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
 AA: K Perkins 25/25
A: P Catasti & B Charteris 25/25
B:T Cecil 24/25
C: J Brimelow 21/25
 Results 4th September 2016
50T Double Barrel Championship
 Overall: R Rehbein 50/50
AA: 1st R Rehbein 50/50
AA: 2nd K Perkins 49/50
A: 1st K Rehbein 49/50
A: 2nd B Charteis 48/50
B: 1st T Cecil 49/50
B: 2nd J Riggs 47/50
C: 1st J Brimelow 42/50
C: 2nd D Christensen 37/50 
 25T Continental
 AA: P Rehbein 25/25
A: G Findlay 24/25
B :J Riggs 24/25
C: J Brimelow 22/25 
 High Gun
R Rehbein & K Perkins 98/100 Shared
Junior B Charteris 90/100
Results 7th & 8th April 2018
Trench 10, Skeet 10, Trap 21
Breezy - Shifting Clouds
1st Darren Large 71 + 36 HC
2nd Brian Charteris 70 + 36 HC
3rd Corey Bylsma 82 + 24 HC
4th Nat Rooney 89 + 12 HC
Ev 1: 25T OG C/D B: Ray Burrows 21/25
C: Irvine Wynyard & Cam Spence 23/25
Ev 2: 25T H/Cap 1st Cam Spence 21/25
2nd Irvine Wynyard 19/25
3rd Jason Hartfiel 19/25
Ev 3: 25T Dbls C: Cam Spence 20/25
Ev 1: 25T D/B Pts AA: Rob Rehbein 74/75
A: Brodie Charteris 65/75
B: Ryan Howie 70/75
C: Joel Brimelow 53/75
25T D/B Pts AA: Paul Rehbein 71/75
A: Graham Rudd 68/75
B: Ryan Howie 71/75
C: Jessie Charteris 57/75
25T D/B Pts AA: Rob Rehbein 75/75
A: Barry Fisher 73/75
B: Mel Budgen 67/75
C: Joel Brimelow 53/75
25T D/B Pts AA: Rob Rehbein 73/75
A: Barry Fisher 68/75
B: Kaye Rehbein 67/75
C: Joel Brimelow 56/75
High Gun: Rob Rehbein 288/300
Badge: Rob Rehbein 98/100 (Targets)
Junior High Gun: Jessie Charteris 192/300

Results 2nd April 2017
Light Breeze - 23 Shooters
No Skeet
100T Double Barrel Points
AA: 1st Paul Rehbein 283/300
2nd Kevin Perkins 283/300
3rd Greg Mathews 281/300
A: 1st Mal Zipf 275/300
2nd Mel Budgen 258/300
3rd Kaye Rehbein 258/300
B: 1st Brian Morrissy 237/300
2nd Ryan Howie 234/300
3rd Tony Bugeja 231/300
C: 1st Trent Alkemade 250/300
2nd Sylvia Raleigh 235/300
3rd Adrian Doherty 197/300
High Gun
Paul Rehbein 283/300
Junior High Gun
Brodie Charteris 230/300
Badge: Paul Rehbein 283/300
The South East Zone Trap Carnival was held at Bundaberg Clay Target Club this weekend. Thank you Bundaberg club for your great hospitality and the great clays being thrown from your layouts. We are grateful the weather held off and we were able to use the grounds after the recent rainfall. The carnival was a great success with 88 shooters attending from many different clubs.
Well done to everyone who attended the carnival, it was great to see a few new shooters having a go.
Congratulations to all the winners and zone team members selected.

Results 6th & 7th May 2017
Cloudy - Windy
50T Skeet Handicap
1st Paul Bozier 53/50
2nd Irvine Wynyard 49/50
3rd Adam Bozier 47/50
With Handicap
25T Doubles
C: Alan Collins 18/25
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Greg Mathews
Ernie Harker
Corey Bylsma 25/25
A: Brian Charteris 24/25
B: Tracey Harker 24/25
C: Trent Aklemade 24/25
20T Medley
AA: Rob Rehbein
John Sleigthome 18/20
A: Kaye Rehbein 18/20
B: Tony Rosmalen 18/20
C: Trent Aklemade 19/20
25T Double Barrel Championship
Overall: Rob Rehbein 25/25
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: M Budgen 25/25
B: Tony Rosmalen 23/25
C: Trent Aklemade 22/25
25T Continental
AA: Greg Mathews
Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Brian Charteris 23/25
B: Tony Rosmalen 24/25
C: Darren Large 24/25
High Gun
Greg Mathews
Rob Rehbein 91/95
Junior High Gun
Brodie Charteris 78/95
Results 3rd & 4th June 2017
Shooters: Skeet 9 - Trap 23
Cool and Windy
25T Skeet Off the Gun
A: No Shooters
B: Ray Burrows 15/25
C: Brian Morrissy 19/25
25T Skeet Championship
O/A Rob Rehbein 24/25
A: Rob Rehbein 24/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 20/25
C: Brian Morrissy 21/25
25T Skeet Handicap
1st Angelo Didone 25/25
2nd Bob Fisher 25/25
3rd Brian Short 24/25
All with Handicap
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Rob Rehbein
Paul Rehbein 25/25
A: Brian Charteris 25/25
B: Ryan Howie 22/25
C: Darren Large 24/25
30T Medley
AA: Paul Rehbein 47/50
A: Kaye Rehbein 47/50
B: Jim Riggs 46/50
C: Darren Large 45/50
25T Single Barrel
AA: Rob Rehbein 24/25
A: Mel Zipf 22/25
B: George Christensen 23/25
C: Darren Large 22/25
30T Continental
AA: Greg Mathews 30/30
A: Brian Charteris28/30 24/30
B: Jim Riggs 29/30
C: Darren Large 26/30
High Gun
Rob Rehbein 123/130
Junior High Gun
Brodie Charteris 104/130
Results 8th January 2017
27 Shooters - Hot and Windy
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Corey Bylsma 25/25
A: Tristan Anderson 25/25
B: Tracey Harker 23/25
C: Joel Brimelow 23/25
50T Double Barrel Points
O/A: AA Cameron Dean 146/150
1st A: Tristan Anderson 138/150
1st B: Tracey Harker 119/150
1st C: Joel Brimelow 129/150
2nd AA: Kevin Perkins 143/150
2nd A: Kaye Rehbein 134/150
2nd B: Ryan Howie 119/150
2nd C: Jack Rossington 121/150
25T Handicap
1st Tristan Anderson 23/25
2nd Ernie Harker 23/25
3rd Richie Hammill 23/25
High Gun
Cameron Dean 191/200
Junior High Gun
Tristan Anderson 186/200
Results 7th January 2018
Shooters 30
No Skeet or Trench Shot
Insufficient Numbers
Hot and Slight Breeze
25T Double Barrel C/D
AA: Neil Berry
Cameron Dean 25/25
A: Graham Rudd, Mel Budgen
Brodie Charteris 25/25
B: Darren Large 25/25
C: Joel Brimelow 24/25
50T Double Barrel Pts C/Ship
Overall: Travis Streeter 146/150
AA: 1st Travis Streeter 146/150
2nd: Cameron Dean 145/150
A: 1st Graham Rudd 139/150
2nd Andrew Fisher 139/150
B: 1st Clinton Scott 142/150
2nd Kaye Rehbein 136/150
C: 1st Joel Brimelow 134/150
  2nd Dan Rehbein 128/150
25T Handicap
1st Darren Large 25/25
2nd Andrew Fisher 24/25
3rd Irvine Wynyard 23/25
High Gun:
Cameron Dean 191/200
Junior High Gun:
Travis Streeter 188/200
Results 2nd July 2016
Cool - 7 Shooters
50T Dick Snow Memorial
Skeet Handicap
1st J Lincoln 50/50
2nd A Bozier 49/50
3rd A Collins 48/50 all with HC
25T Skeet Doubles
A: G Findlay 25/25
C: A Collins 18/25
Results 3rd July 2016
 25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
 AA: R Rehbein, K Perkins
B Pavy & C Bylsma 25/25
A: K Rehbein 25/25
B: A Bugeja & D Amos 25/25
C: J Brimelow & J Lincoln 24/25
25T Single Barrel
 AA: N Catasti 24/25
A: M Budgen 24/25
B: D Amos 23/25
C: J Brimelow 21/25
 25T Handicap
 1st A Fisher 25/25
2nd B Harker 24/25
3rd C Bylsma 24/25 
25T Mixed Targets
 Overall: P Rehbein 34/35
AA: P Rehbein 34/35
A: J Zaric 33/35
B: T Cecil 32/35
C: J Lincoln 28/35
High Gun
Overall: C Bylsma 105/110
Junior: A Fisher 92/110
Christmas Results 2016
Sunny Light Breeze
48 Shooters
Yearly High Gun Trap
AA: P Rehbein 1666/1795
R/:U R Rehbein 1662/1795
A: K Rehbein 1581/1795
R/U: M Budgen 1318/1795
B: G Findlay 1405/1795
R/U: R Howie 1103/1795
C: J Brimelow 1329/1795
R/U: D Christensen 1035/1795
Junior: B Charteris 343/400
R/U: A Fisher 318/400
Yearly High Gun Skeet
A: A Bozier 688/800
R/U P Bozier 471/800
B: G Findlay 694/800
R/U R Burrows 245/800
C: J Lincoln 426/800
R/U B Fisher 422/800
Skeet Championship 2016
A Bozier 93/100
R/U: G Findlay 90/100
Trap Championship 2016
R Rehbein 638/665
R/U: P Rehbein 612/668
FM J Brimelow 475/665
R/U J Lincoln 293/665
Club Championship 2016
R Rehbein 716/765
R/U: P Rehbein 696/765
Results 16th October 2016
Windy - 29 Shooters
50T Double Barrel
AA 1st B Charteris 49/50
A 1st G Jensen 49/50
B 1st A Fisher 49/50
C 1st D Harvey 46/50
AA 2nd R Rehbein 49/50
A 2nd G Rudd 48/50
B 2nd T Bugeja 47/50
C 2nd J Brimelow 40/50
50T Double Barrel Points
AA 1st P Rehbein 147/150
A 1st G Jensen 144/150
B 1st T Harker 133/150
C 1st D Harvey 141/150
AA 2nd G Findlay 144/150
A 2nd K Rehbein 141/150
B 2nd T Bugeja 128/150
C 2nd J Lincoln 114/150
Overall: P Rehbein 195/200
High Gun
Junior: A Fisher 173/200
Overall Badge over 100T
G Jensen 99/100
No Shoot February 2018
Results 5th February 2017
31 Shooters - Hot & Light Breeze
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Kevin Perkins, Cameron Dean
Corey Bylsma 25/25
A: Graham Rudd 25/25
B: Andrew Fisher 25/25
C: Daniel Rehbein 23/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Corey Bylsma 23/25
A: Barry Fisher 25/25
B: Andrew Fisher 22/25
C: Jack Rossington 21/25
25T Double Barrel 18mts
AA: Corey Bylsma 25/25
A: Barry Fisher 23/25
B: Andrew Fisher 23/25
C: Jack Rossington        24/25
25T Continental Championship
Overall: Rob Rehbein 25/25
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Kaye Rehbein 23/25
B: Trevor Cecil 22/25
C: Jack Rossington        24/25
High Gun
Corey Bylsma 98/100
Junior High Gun
Andrew Fisher 91/100
John Park Donation of Raffle
Results 4th & 5th November 2017
Trap 24 - Skeet 10
Hot & Breezy
50T Skeet Handicap
1st Ray West 50/50
2nd Irvine Wynyard 49/50
3rd Brian Morrissy 45/50
25T Skeet Championship
O/A Paul Boozier 25/25
A: Rob Rehbein 21/25
B: Paul Boozier 25/25
C: Terence Delley 16/25
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Mel Budgen 25/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 25/25
C: Adrian Doherty
Dale Christensen 22/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Irvine Wynyard 24/25
A: Mal Zipf 23/25
B: Ryan Howie 24/25
C: Dale Christensen 17/25
25T Points Championship
Overall: Paul Rehbein 73/75
AA: Paul Rehbein 73/75
A: Brian Charteris 71/75
B: Sylvia Raleigh 72/73
C: Daniel Rehbein 66/75
15 Pair Double Rise
AA: Paul Rehbein 25/30
A: Brodie Charteris 25/30
B: Darren Large 22/30
C: Daniel Rehbein 17/30
20 Pair Deauville Doubles
1st Tony Coco, Ryan Howie 20/20
2nd Paul Rehbein
Brodie Charteris 18/20
High Gun:
Rob Rehbein 144/150
Junior High Gun:
Brodie Charteris 132/150
Christmas Results 3rd December 2017
25T Trench        
25T Double Barrel Points
25T 21 Metres
Total 125 Pts
All Took Home Good Hams
B Fisher 116, N Berry 116, R Rehbein 114
D Large 112, P Anderson 111, J Riggs 108
R Fett 108, T Alkaemade 108, A Fisher 107
P Rehbein 107, T Anderson 107, G Rudd 106
C Dean 105, J Hall 104, B Charteris 102
N Catasti 101, K Rehbein 101, P Catasti 100
M Budgen 100, T Bugeja 99, M Tipman 99
J Brimelow 96, T Gardner 96
Brodie Charteris (Junior) 94
R Howie 92, G Chizzotti 92, D Rehbein 91
A Didone 90, C Groves 90, F Robinson 89
M Zipf 86, G Christensen 83, R Burrows 82
B Morrissy 81, D Christensen 79, B Short 79
E Guy (Junior) 69, R Dean (Junior) 68
A Doherty 61, J Charteris (Junior) 58

Results 3rd & 4th March 2018
Skeet 5 - Trap 26 Shooters
Hot & Steamy
No Trench /Practice Only
Event 1 - 25T OTG
B: Richard Merrick 23/25
C: J Hartfield 18/25
Event 2 - 25T Championship
O/A Kaye Rehbein 22/25
A: Rob Rehbein 17/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 22/25
C: Irvine Wynyard 21/25
Event 3 - 25T Handicap
1st Irvine Wynyard 24/25
2nd J Hartfield 22/25
Event 1 - 25T D/B C/D
AA: Greg Mathews, Neil Berry
Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Graham Rudd, Brian Charteris 25/25
B: Kaye Rehbein, Gerry Chizzotti
Darren Large 24/25
C: Joel Brimelow 24/25
Event 2 - 25T S/B Championship
O/A: Gary Bartlett 25/25
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/25
A: Gary Bartlett 25/25
B: Gerry Chizzotti 24/25
C: Jessie Charteris 19/25
Event 3 - 25T D/B Graded H/C
AA: Greg Mathews & Paul Rehbein 23/25
A: Brodie Charteris 25/25
B: Darren Large 25/25
C: Joel Brimelow 23/25
Event 4 - 15 Pair D/Rise
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/30
A: Clinton Groves 26/30
B: Gerry Chizzotti 23/30
C: Joel Brimelow 24/30
Event 5 - 20 Pair D/Doubles
1 st Rob Rehbein & Gerry Chittozzi 20/20
2nd Mel Zipf & Joel Brimelow 19/20
Overall High Gun
Clinton Groves & Paul Rehbein 95/105
Junior High Gun
Jessie Charteris 71/105

Results 1st & 2nd July 2017
Cool and Light Breeze/ Sunny
Skeet 7 - Trench 21 - Trap 21
Skeet 50 Target Skeet Handicap
Dick Snow Memorial
1st Paul Boozier 50/50
2nd Brian Morrissy 49/50
3rd Alan Collins 48/50
All with Handicap
25 Target Skeet Doubles
C: Brian Morrissy 15/25
1st Trench Shoot
Shot with Generous Handicap
1st Damien Harvey 119
2nd Joel Brimelow 112
3rd J Esposito 105
4th C.Shonrock 104
5th Corey Bylsma 99
6th Keith Simpson 99
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Paul Rehbein 25/25
A: Irvine Wynyard 24/25
B: Ryan Howie 22/25
C: Brian Short 19/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Paul Rehbein 23/25
A: Irvine Wynyard 22/25
B: Ryan Howie 20/25
C: Brian Short 15/25
25T Handicap
1st Mel Budgen 23/25
2nd Irvine Wynyard 22/25
3rd Brodie Charteris 21/25
25T Mixed Championship
Overall: Paul Rehbein 35/35
AA: Paul Rehbein 35/35
A: Brodie Charteris 34/35
B: Ryan Howie 34/35
C: Jessie Charteris 21/35
High Gun
Paul Rehbein 103/110
Brodie Charteris 97/110
Results 4th & 5th March 2017
Hot Conditions 27 Trap shooters
10 shooters shot the Skeet events
25T Skeet Off Gun Cash Divide
A: Adam Bozier 24/25
C: I Wynyard 21/25
25T Skeet Championship
O/A: Paul Bozier 23/25
A: Rob Rehbein 23/2
B: Paul Bozier 23/25
C: Bob Fisher 21/25
25T Handicap.
1st Adam Bozier 25/25
2nd Irvine Wynyard 25/25
3rd Bob Fisher shoot off
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Corey Bylsma, Rob Rehbein
Adam Bylsma
Brian Charteris 25/25
A: Mal Zipf, Jack Zaric
Barry Fisher, Kaye Rehbein 24/25
B: Andres Fisher 25/25
C: Daniel Rehbein
Joel Brimelow 23/25
25T Single Barrel Championship
O/A & AA: Greg Mathews 25/25
A: Jack Zaric 24/25
B: Andrew Fisher 20/25
C: Daniel Rehbein 20/25
25T Graded Handicap
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/25
A: Kaye Rehbein 23/25
B: Trevor Cecil 24/25
C: Joel Brimelow 21/25
15 Pair Double Rise
AA: Paul Rehbein 27/30
A: Kaye Rehbein 24/30
B: Andrew Fisher 25/30
C: Daniel Rehbein 20/30
20 pair Deuville Doubles
1st Daniel Rehbein
Joel Brimelow 20/20
2nd Barry Fisher
Corey Bylsma
18/20 after shoot off
Results 2nd & 3rd September 2017
Skeet 8 - Trench 8 - Trap 21
100T Trench
1st Corey Bylsma 83 + 23
2nd Sam Bylsma 95 + 22
3rd Allan Allenby 64 + 21
4th Kevin Perkins 90 + 20
50T Off the Gun
A: 1st Adam Boozier 44/50
B: 1st A Ford 34/50
C: 1st Alan Collins 38/50
25T Championship
Overall: Paul Boozier 24/25
A: Adam Boozier 22/25
B: Paul Boozier 24/25
C: Alan Collins  24/25
25T D/Barrel C/Divide
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Barry Fisher
Dougal Rudd 25/25
B: Jim Riggs, Brodie Charteris
Kaye Rehbein 24/25
C: Daniel Rehbein 23/25
50T D/Barrel Championship
Overall: Tim Gardner 49/50
AA: 1st Rob & Paul Rehbein
Shared 48/50
AA: 2nd Rob & Paul Rehbein
Shared 48/50
A: 1st Tim Gardner 49/50
A: 2nd Mal Zipf 47/50
B: 1st Mick Wilkins 46/50
B: 2nd Brodie Charteris 45/50
C: 1st Daniel Rehbein 44/50
C: 2nd Jesse Charteris 36/50
25T Continental
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/25
A: Tim Gardner 24/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 24/25
C: Daniel Rehbein 20/25
High Gun
Tim Gardner 97/100
Junior High Gun
Brodie Charteris 90/100
                        3rd December 2017 - Yearly Trophies
Skeet A: High Gun                                Adam Bozier 288/500
        B: High Gun                                Paul Bozier 224/500
        C: High Gun                                Alan Collins 311/500
Trap AA: High Gun                                Paul Rehbein 1491/1595
        A: High Gun                                Kaye Rehbein 1352/1595
        B: High Gun                                Ryan Howie 1172/1595
        C: High Gun                                Darren Large 927/1595
        Junior D/B High Gun                Brodie Charteris 306/400
Overall Champions
Skeet Champion                                Paul Bozier 91/100        
        (Skeet Championships)                                
        Trap Champion                        Paul Rehbein        604/665
        (Trap Championships)                                
Front Marker Champion        
        Started Year as C-15                Daniel Rehbein 432/665
(Trap Championships)                        
        Club Champion                        Rob Rehbein        676/765
        (Skeet & Trap Championships)