QCTA South East Zone
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President - George Christensen  Mob 0428 753511    E-mail
Secretary Kaye Rehbein PO Box 781 Bundaberg 4670
Phone 07 4151 3194 BHrs Fax 07 4153 3847
Club Location - Lot 20 Kay McDuff Drive Thabeban Bundaberg
Programs 2019
Committee Resurves the right
 to alter any Programs
January 5th 12 Noon
Skeet 12 Noon
50T Doubles C/Divide
25T Skeet Handicap
January 6th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/Divide
50T D/B Points Championship
25T Handicap
January 13th Trench 10.00am
February 2nd Skeet 10.00am
25T Off the Gun
50T Handicap
February 3rd Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/Divide
25T Single Barrel
25T Double Barrel 18mts
25T Continental Championship
February 10th Trench 10.00am
March 2nd Skeet 12.00 Noon
25T Off the Gun
25T Championship
25T Handicap
March 3rd Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/Divide
25T Single Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Graded H/C
15 Pair Double Rise
Novelty D/Doubles
March 10th Trench 10.00am
April 13th Skeet 12.00 Noon
25T Off the Gun
25T Handicap
25T Doubles
April 14th Trap D/B Pts Day 10.30am
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel Points
Badge Overall On 100 Targets
April 28th Trench 10.00am
May 11th Skeet 12.00 Noon
50T Handicap
25T Doubles C/D
May 12th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/Divide
20T Medley 10T 15m, 10T Grade H/C
25T Double Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Continental
May 19th Trench 10.00am
June 1st Skeet 12.00 Noon
25T Off the Gun C/Divide
25T Championship
25T Handicap
June 2nd Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/Divide
30T Medley
25T Single Barrel
15 Pair D/Rise Championship
June 9th Trench 10.00am
July 6th Skeet 12.00 Noon
50T Handicap
25T Doubles C/D
July 7th Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/D
25T Single Barrel
25T Double Barrel Handicap
25T Mixed Championship
July 14th Trench CANCELLED
July 27th Skeet 12.00 Noon
50T Doubles C/D
25T Off the Gun C/D
August 3rd & 4th Trap
Annual 2 Day Shoot
See A.C.T.A Journal
Practice 2nd August from 2.30pm
August 11th Trench 10.00am
August 31st Skeet 12.00 Noon
50T Off the Gun C/D
25T Championship
September 1st Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/D
25T Double Barrel Championship
25T Double Barrel Points
25T Double Barrel 18 Meters
September 8th Trench (Cancelled)
October 6th Trench 10.00am
October 12th Skeet (Cancelled)
October 13th Trap 10.30am (Cancelled)
November 2nd Skeet 12 Noon
50T Handicap C/D
25T Championship
November 3rd Trap 10.30am
25T Double Barrel C/D
25T Single Barrel
25T Points Championship
15 Pair Double Rise
November 10th Trench 10.00am
December 1st
A.G.M. 9.30am
Christmas Shoot 11.00am
Bundaberg Targets Commonwealth Games Shooters with new Olympic Grade facility
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Christmas Results - Yearly Trophies and Yearly Champions - See bottom of page.
2020 Bundaberg Membership form - here
Trench at Bundaberg
Phone Corey 0427 119479
Bundaberg Results
5th January Skeet Shooters 4
6th January Trap Shooters 33
Hot with Slight Breeze
A: Tony Mokomoko 22/25
B: Neil Berry 21/25
25T Handicap
Shared Terry Delley
Neil Berry 24/25
With Handicap
25T Double Barrel C/D
AA: Shane Streeter 25/25
A: Brodie Charteris 24/25
B: Barry Fisher 25/25
C: Damien Harvey 23/25
50T Double/B Points Championship
Overall: Travis Streeter 149/150
1st AA: Travis Streeter 149/150
2nd AA: Greg Mathews 146/150
1st A: Irvine Wynyard 142/150
2nd A: Tim Gardner 138/150
1st B: Andrew Fisher 141/150
2nd B: Joel Brimelow 138/150
1st C: Damien Harvey 126/150
2nd C: Jessie Charteris 124/150
25T Handicap
1st Erin Guy 24/25
2nd Greg Mathews 24/25
3rd Dakota Suckling 23/25
High Gun
Greg Mathews 193/200
Junior High Gun
Travis Streeter 192/200
Bundaberg Annual Results 3rd & 4th July 2019
Weather Fine - 78 Shooters
Event 1- 25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: P Rehbein, G Reynolds and S Murphy (Junior) 25/25
A: M Mengel, T Gardner, J Gemmill, R Anderson, R Shaxon & T Mokomoko 25/25
B: A Fisher 25/25, W Day and R McGuren 23/25
C: K Neale 25/25, K Charteris & R Aird 23/25
Event 2 - 25T Handicap
Elders Insurance Bundaberg
1st K Neale 25/25
, 2nd S Bylsma 25/25
3rd G Christensen 24/25, 4th S Murphy (Junior) 23/25
Event 3 - 50T Double Barrel Championship
Bundaberg Betta Home Living & Dr Chris O'Brien & Spika
Overall: S Bylsma 50/50
AA: 1st G Reynolds 49/50, 2nd T Streeter 49/50
A: 1st M Zipf 48/50, 2nd T Harker 48/50
B: 1st Brod Charteris 48/50, 2nd B Fisher 45/50
C: 1st L Wilson 46/50, 2nd J Greenfield 45/50
Lady: Sponsored By Zonta Club Bundaberg
1st R McGuren 45/50, 2nd K Rehbein 42/50, 3rd L Tennent 41/50
Veteran: Sponsored By Irvine & Rose Wynyard
1st M Mengel 47/50, 2nd B Charteris 47/50, 3rd P McLlelan 45/50
Super Veteran: Sponsored By The Money Edge
1st R Rehbein 47/50, 2nd N Berry 46/50, 3rd P Brown 45/50
Junior: Sponsored By Neil & Wilma Berry
1st W Day 44/50, 2nd E Guy 44/50, 3rd J Charteris 35/50
Event 4 - 25T Single Barrel Championship
Coral Villa Motel & Searls
Overall: I Wynyard 24/25
AA: 1st S Streeter 24/25, 2nd G Wright 23/25
A: 1st B Charteris 23/25, 2nd M Mengel 23/25
B: 1st B Morrissy 21/25, 2nd A McPherson 20/25
C: 1st K Neale 19/25, 2nd C Codrington 18/25
Junior: E Guy 22/25
Event 5 - 5OT Double Barrel Points Championship
Clinton & Barbara Groves, Mark Haster Painting & Rehbeins Guns
Overall: G Noffke 150/150
AA: 1st T Streeter 146/150, 2nd G Mathews 145/150
A: 1st T Daniels 139/150, 2nd T Mokomoko 139/150
B: 1st M Simmons 139/150, 2nd T Bugeja 136/150
C: 1st K Neale 135/150, 2nd L Wilson 126/150
Lady: T Harker 136/150
Veteran: G Reynolds 138/150
Super Veteran: N Berry 142/150
Junior: W Day 130/150
Event 6 - 25T Continental Championship
Coral Villa Motel & Ken's Plumbing Plus
Overall: P Rehbein 25/25
AA: 1st S Bylsma 25/25, 2nd C Bylsma 25/25
A: 1st I Wynyard 25/25, 2nd G Bailo 25/25
B: 1st A Fisher 23/25, 2nd B Fisher 23/25
C: 1st J Greenfield 22/25, 2nd L Wilson 21/25
Junior: T Streeter 24/25
Bundaberg Outdoor Power Centre Overall: S Bylsma 289/300
Bundy Outdoors AA: G Noffke 288/300
Bundy Outdoors A: I Wynyard 274/300
Takalvans B: A Fisher 262/300
Takalvans C: K Neale 269/300
Rehbeins Guns Ladies: T Harker 271/300
Irvine & Rose Wynyard Veteran: G Reynolds 274/300
The Money Edge Super Veteran: N Berry 270/300
Queensland Police Clay Target Club Junior: T Streeter 282/300
Kev Knight Poster - Thanks to Kaye and BCTC
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Bundaberg Results
2nd & 3rd February 2019
Skeet 5 - Trap 30
Cloudy and Breezy
B: Richard Merrick 22/25
C: Terry Delley 20/25
50T Handicap
1st Irvine Wynyard 49/50
2nd Brian Morrissy 48/50
3rd Terry Delley 45/50
With Handicap
25T D/Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Rob Rehbein, Sam Bylsma
Corey Bylsma
Adam Bylsma 25/25
A: Graham Rudd 24/25
B: Andrew Fisher 25/25
C: Kristopher Neale 24/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Jim Riggs 23/25
B: Brian Morrissy 21/25
C: Adrian Doherty 18/25
25T D/Barrel 18mts
AA: Gary Bartlett 24/25
A: Irvine Wynyard 24/25
B: Elliott Gibb 23/25
C: Jake Greenfield 20/25
25T Continental Championship
Overall: Rob Rehbein 25/25
AA: Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Alan Ford         24/25
B: Joel Brimelow 25/25
C: Jake Greenfield 22/25
High Gun
Adam Bylsma 96/100
No Junior High Gun
Bundaberg Results
2nd & 3rd March 2019
Skeet 8 - Trap -21
Weather Windy & Showers
25T O/G
B: Richard Merrick 21/25
C: Angelo Didone 20/25
25T Skeet Championship
Overall: Terry Delley 22/25
A: Rob Rehbein 22/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 21/25
C: Terry Delley 22/25
25T Handicap
1st Angelo Didone 25/25
2nd Terry Delley 22/25
3rd Brian Morrissy 20/25
25T Double Barrel C/D
AA: Graham Noffke 25/25
A: Mel Zipf, Kaye Rehbein
Tim Gardner, Mel Budgen, 24/25
B: Clinton Scott 24/25
C: Adrian Doherty 15/25
25T Single Barrel Championship
Overall: Greg Mathews 24/25
        AA: Greg Mathews 24/25
A: Mel Zipf 23/25
B: Erin Guy 22/25
C: Adrian Doherty 17/25
25T D/Barrel Graded H/C
AA: Greg Mathews 24/25
A: Tim Gardner 21/25
B: Clinton Scott 23/25
C: Adrian Doherty 21/25
15 Pair Double Rise        
AA: Graham Noffke 24/30
A: Tim Gardner 20/30
B: Clinton Scott 21/30
C: Adrian Doherty 15/30
Overall High Gun
Greg Mathews 94/105
Junior High Gun
Erin Guy 82/105
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Results 2nd & 3rd June 2018
Skeet 6-Trap 26
Cool and Light Breeze
Skeet 25T Skeet O/G
A: No Shooters, B: No Shooters
C: Jason Hartfiel 18/25
25T Skeet Championship
O/A Irvine Wynyard 22/25
A: Rob Rehbein 18/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 19/25
C: Irvine Wynyard 22/25
25T Handicap
1st Jason Hartfiel 20/25
2nd Alan Collins 19/25
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Greg Methews 25/25
Dave Nicholson 25/25
A: Kaye Rehbein 24/25
Irvine Wynyard 24/25
B: Ivan Mapp 25/25
C: Erin Guy 18/25
30T Medley
AA: Rob Rehbein 48/50
Dave Nicholson 48/50
A: Peter Catasti 48/50
B: Ivan Mapp 49/50
C: Erin Guy 45/50
25T Single Barrel
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/25
A: Peter Catasti 24/25
B: Gerry Chizzotti 20/25
C: Jessie Charteris 11/25
15 Pair Double Rise Championship
O/A Neil Berry 27/30
AA: Neil Berry 27/30
A: Jim Riggs 22/30
B: Allan Allenby 26/30
C: Erin Guy 24/30
High Gun
Rob Rehbein 121/130
Junior High Gun
Erin Guy 98/130
Target Totals April 2019
R Rehbein 96 - C Bylsma 88
Brod Charteris 96 - C Groves 87
T Bugeja 95 - R Howie 87
K Perkins 94 - G Christensen 86
K Rehbein 94 - B Charteris 84
T Coco 94 - S Kurkiewicz 83
P Rehbein 93 - K Charteris 81
A Mokomoko 92 - B Morrissy 79
D Large 91 - M Budgen 75
B Fisher 89 - J Charteris 69
T Gardner 89 - A Doherty 66
Photos by Ryan Howie and Kayleen Fisher
Bundaberg Results
13th & 14th April 2019
Windy and Shitfting Clouds
Skeet 6 - Trap 22
25T OTG Cash Divide
A: A Spinks 23/25
B: R Merrick         20/25
C: T Delley 22/25
25T Handicap
1st S Kurkiewicz 27/27
2nd T Delley 26/26
25T Doubles
A: A Spinks 23/25
C: S Kurkiewicz 21/25
25T D/Barrel Points
AA: Darren Large 70/75
A: Kaye Rehbein 67/75
B: Tony Bugeja 7575
C: Jessie Charteris 52/75
25T D/Barrel Points
AA: Tony Coco 73/75
A: Kaye Rehbein 66/75
B: Brodie Charteris 68/75
C: Kevin Charteris 64/75
25T D /Barrel Points
AA: Rob Rehbein 73/75
A: Kaye Rehbein 69/75
B: Brodie Charteris 70/75
C: Kevin Charteris 53/75
25T D/Barrel Points
AA: Rob Rehbein 73/75
A: Kaye Rehbein 69/75
B: Tony Bugeja 69/75
C: Jessie Charteris 54/75
High Gun
Rob Rehbein 282/300
Junior Highgun
Jessie Charteris 199/300
Brodie Charteris
Rob Rehbein 96/100
Bundaberg Results
7th July 2019
18 Shooters
Windy with Some Scuds
25T Double Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Paul Rehbein
Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Irvine Wynyard 22/25
B: Tony Bugeja 25/25
C: Ken Landt 15/25
25T Single Barrel
AA: Paul Rehbein 22/25
A: Irvine Wynyard 22/25
B: Brod Charteris 21/25
C: Ken Landt 16/25
25T Double Barrel Handicap
1st Barry Fisher 23/25
2nd Tim Gardner 23/25
3rd Brian Charteris 21/25
25T Mixed Championship
Overall: Paul Rehbein 32/35
AA: Paul Rehbein 32/35
A: Kaye Rehbein 30/35
B: Tony Bugeja 31/35
C: Ken Landt 15/35
High Gun
Paul Rehbein 99/100
Junior High Gun No Shooters
Results October 2018
Skeet 4 - Trap 23
Light Breeze, Shifting Clouds
25T O/G
B: Ray Burrows 19/25
C: Terrence Delley 18/25
25T Handicap
1st Irvine Wynyard 25/25
2nd Ray Burrows 24/25
Both with Handicap
25T Double Barrel
AA 1st Paul Rehbein
Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: 1st Brodie Charteris
Irvine Wynyard 24/25
B: 1st Mel Budgen 25/25
C: No Shooters
25T Double Barrel
AA: 1st Allan Cooper 50/50
A: 1st Brodie Charteris 24/25
B: 1st Gerry Chizzotti 25/25
C: No Shooters
25T Double Barrel Points
AA: 1st Alan Cooper 74/75
A: 1st Kaye Rehbein 68/75
B: 1st Graham Rudd 74/75
C: No Shooters
25T Double Barrel Points
AA: 1st Rob Rehbein 72/75
A: 1st Irvine Wynyard 72/75
B: 1st Ryan Howie 73/75
C: No Shooters
High Gun
Allan Cooper 193/200
Rob Rehbein 98/100
Junior High Gun
Erin Guy 181/200
Bundaberg Results
11th/12th May 2019
Skeet: 4 - Trap: 20
Weather Breezy & Sunny
Skeet: 11/05/2019
50T Handicap
1st Terrence Delley 43/50
2nd Irvine Wynyard 41/50
Trap: 12/05/2019
25T Double Barrel C/D
AA: Paul Rehbein 25/25
A: Kaye Rehbein 25/25
B: Barry Fisher 25/25
C: Kevin Charteris 23/25
20T Medley
AA: Darren Large 20/20
A: Brian Charteris 18/20
B: Brodie Charteris 19/20
C: Kevin Charteris 15/20
25T Double Barrel Championship
Overall: Kaye Rehbein 25/25
AA: Paul Rehbein 24/25
A: Kaye Rehbein 25/25
B: Brodie Charteris 25/25
C: Jeremy Landt 21/25
25T Continental
AA: Darren Large 25/25
A: Brian Charteris 22/25
B: Barry Fisher 24/25
C: Kevin Charteris 18/25
High Gun
Darren Large & Paul Rehbein 90/95
Junior High Gun: Non
Bundaberg Clay Target Club Inc
Bundaberg Clay Target Club held its Xmas shoot on Sunday 2nd December 2018 in windy and hot conditions but all went home with a good ham and good fellowship. The event for the day was 25Target Trench, 25Target Double Barrel Points 16 meters and 25 Target Double Handicap 20meters. Targets were trying with the wind coming from behind but all had a good time. Scores as follow.
Sam Bylsma 115/125, Clinton Groves, Darren Large, Cameron Dean 113/125, Corey Bylsma 112/125
Graham Rudd, Adam Bylsma 108/125, Tristan Anderson, Dave Nicholson 107/125
Frank Robinson Mal Zipf, Kevin Perkins, Rob Rehbein, Paul Rehbein 106/125, Andrew Fisher 103/125
Paul Anderson 102/125, Tracey Harker, Brian Charteris, Gerry Chizzotti 101/125
Joel Brimelow 100/125, B Bartlett 99/125, Ryan Howie, Jack Zaric, Barry Fisher 98/125
Anthony Bugeja, Kaye Rehbein 97/125, A Ford 96/125, Peter Catasti 95/125
John Hall, Neil Berry 94/125, Jim Riggs 93/125, Brian Short 89/125, Brian Morrissy 87/125
Mike Tipman 85/125, Dale Christensen82/125, Brodie Charteris 81/125, Kevin Charteris 78/125
Adrian Doherty 71/125, Mel Budgen 70/125, Ray Burrows 64/125, Jeremy Landt 59/125
Ken Landt 51/125.
Yearly Trophies: Skeet High Guns: A Grade Rob Rehbein 76/100, B Grade Kaye Rehbein 85/100
C Grade I Wynyard 88/100. Trap High Guns: AA Grade Rob Rehbein 1634/1695
A Grade Mel Budgen 1316/1695, B Grade Kaye Rehbein 1499/1695
C Grade Joel Brimelow 1032/1695. Junior High Gun Brodie Charteris 230/375.
Yearly Champions: Skeet: Irvine Wynyard 88/100. Trap: Paul Rehbein 582/615
Front Marker: Joel Brimelow 414/615 and Overall Club Champion:  Rob Rehbein 651/715
Merry Christmas and see you in January. First Shoot for the Club will be Skeet on the 5th January 2019
at 12.00 noon Trap on the 6th January 2019 at 10.30am and Trench on the 13th January 2019
at 10.00am.
Kaye Rehbein
Results September 2018
Skeet 6 - Trap 24
Skeet 50T O/G
A: 1st No Shooters
B: 1st Richard Merick 40/50
C: 1st Terrence Delley 34/50
25T Championship
Overall: Angelo Didone 24/25
A: Rob Rehbein 20/25
B: Kaye Rehbein 19/25
C: Angelo Didone 24/25
25T D/Barrel Cash Divide
AA: Kev Perkins
Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: Kaye Rehbein
Andrew Fisher 24/25
B: Clinton Scott
Tracey Harker 24/25
C: Robert Aird 24/25
25T D/Barrel Championship
Overall: Rob Rehbein 25/25
AA: 1st Rob Rehbein 25/25
A: 1st Darren Large 23/25
B: 1st Ian Boycon 23/25
C: 1st Robert Aird 22/25
25T Double Barrel Points
AA: Paul Rehbein 74/75
A: Tim Gardner 74/75
B: Tracey Harker 71/75
C: Robert Aird 58/75
25T Continental
AA: Kevin Perkins 25/25
A: Tim Gardner 25/25
B: Ryan Howie 22/25
C: Robert Aird 20/25
High Gun
 Tim Gardner 145/150
Junior High Gun: None