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Club location: Blackwater Bluff Shooting Complex, Capricorn Highway, 2km west of Bluff
Club shoots on the 4th Sunday of the month
Contact: Vere Storch P.O Box 147 Blackwater 4717
Phone 07 4986 1009 B/H - 07 4982 6279 A/H
Camping - Power & Water - Hot Showers & Toilets
2018 Shoot Programs
January: No Shoot
February: 28th 9.00am - Contact Club
March: 25th Skeet & Trap 9.00am
April: 22nd Skeet & Trap 9.00am
May: 27th Skeet & Trap Practice 9.00am
June: 24th: Skeet & Trap 9.00am
July: 22nd Practice 9.00am
August: 26th Skeet & Trap 9.00am
September: 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th
QLD State Skeet Carnival
October: Practise - Contact Club
November: 24th & 25th 9.00am
Annual Two Day Trap Carnival
December: Practise - Contact Club.
QCTA Blackwater State Skeet Carnival Program 2018 - Click Here
Many Thanks to CHRC
Central Highlands Regional Council
for the Government Grant

Blackwater Clay Target Club
Brian Muirson, Coach - Laurie Scerisini
You must contact Vere Storch ASAP to confirm your spot
so a funding application can be submitted.
Vere Storch 07 4986 1009 B/H - 07 49826279 A/H
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Annual Results 26th November 2016
49 Shooters - Showers Saturday - Hot Sunday
25T Double Barrel: O/A Brad Cowley 42/42
AA: Andrew Skinner 41/42, 2nd Phil Ryder 40/41
A: Brian Muirson 25/25, 2nd Frank Robinson 24/25
B: Mick Mc Gill 38/39, 2nd Brett Graving 24/25
C: Wayne Waldron 26/27, 2nd Paul Norris 23/25
25T Points Score: O/A Lil Brandt 74/75
AA: Glen Reynolds 87/90, 2nd  Andrew Skinner 86/90
A: Neil Bell 70/75, 2nd Brian Muirson 69/70
B: Brett Graving 73/75, 2nd Stephen Vale 68/78
C: Gene Storch 68/75, 2nd Wayne Waldron 68/78
25T Single Barrel: O/A Brian Muirson 25/25
AA: Brad Cowley 24/26, 2nd Peter Brandt 23/26
A: Sheridan James 24/27, 2nd A Neil Sinclair 23/27
B: Brett Graving 22/25, 2nd Brendan Rouse
C: Nick Isaac 22/26, 2nd Wayne Waldron 21/26
25T Wesfarmers Curragh Handicap

1st Brett Graving 25/25
2nd Brendan Rouse 43/44, 3rd Scott James 42/44
25T Continental Jellinbah Championship: O/A Josh Walsh 37/37

AA: Andrew Skinner 36/37, 2nd Garry Wright 30/31
A: Frank Robinson 24/25, 2nd Brett Graving 22/25
B: Brendan Rouse 34/34, 2nd Mick Mc Gill 33/34
C: Scott James 23/25, 2nd Gene Storch 23/26
100T Double Barrel Coalfields 100 Championship: O/A Brad Cowley 118/120
AA: Peter Brandt 117/120, 2nd Des Richardson 107/110
A: Frank Robinson 96/101, 2nd Vere Storch 95/101
B: Mick Mc Gill 94/100, 2nd Stephen Vale 92/100
C: Wayne Waldron 96/105
Best Junior - Lochlan Rouse
Best Lady - Zarah Powell
Best Veteran - Vere Storch
Overall High Gun: Brad Cowley 257/275
Grade High Guns
AA: Andrew Skinner 272/291
A: Brian Muirson 251/275
B: Brett Graving 256/275
C: Gene Storch 243/275
Ladies High Gun: Lil Brandt 256/275
Junior High Gun: Lochlan Rouse 223/275
Veteran High Gun: Mick Mc Gill 246/275
Kev Knight Flyer for BCTC