New Adult and Junior Shooters
 Join a club for as little as $30.00
Adults join the A.C.T.A as a New Start Member for $84-00
Juniors up to the age of 18 to December 2016 join the A.C.T.A for $40-00
Up to $12,000 will now be provided as part of ACTA membership from 2017 There is also an option to increase the insured amount to $25,000 wtih an additional payment of $10.00 directly to the insurer. The cost of having this Association insurance is now in the 2017 fees that have been revised up by only $5.00 for all categories except juniors. Details of the insurer etc will be available when registrations open on the 1st November for 2017 membership.
Recreational Membership:
Open to members to shoot Targets Only and Practice at any ACTA Registered club
This category of membership is $60.00 CTSN is not included by post - You can download it from ACTA
2018 ACTA and Club Membership Online Renewals here
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