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Thomas Derek Grice (24) and Penny Smith (22) of Australia are the first ever ISSF World Champions in the Trap Mixed Team event. The historic Gold medal match that crowned them took place at the Foxlodge Shooting Range in Moscow (RUS), where the ISSF World Championship Shotgun is currently taking place.
The two Australian shooters came back from a 6-hit deficit, overtaking Spain's Antonio Bailon (33) and Beatriz Martinez (31) in the final stage of the match and claiming the Gold medal with the narrowest margin: 33 hits to 32.
"I tried not to look at he scoreboard," said Grice after the medal ceremony. "So to be honest, I actually thought we lost!"
"This Gold medal is for my grandpa back home, he introduced me to the shooting sport, so it's got to be for him!" he concluded
Aislin Jones made history in Rio as she became Australia's youngest ever Olympic shooter (16 years and 179 days at the time of the Opening Ceremony) when she contested the skeet event at the 2016 Games.
After showing initial potential in simulated field shooting, Jones switched to skeet shooting in 2012. She competed in her first international competitions in 2015, contesting both the Junior World Championships (23rd) and the ISSF Junior Cup (6th). She became the youngest woman to win the Australian National Skeet Championship in early 2016 at just 15 years of age and her strong form saw her win selection to her first Olympic Games.
The youngest of all 422 Australian athletes in Rio, Jones shot 63/75 in qualification to finish 17th
Sarah Bennett shot a whopping 132 straight in doubles (not out) at Cecil park in April 2017 making her the only Lady to shoot over 100 in skeet doubles!
Sarah thus also added her name to the Grand Slam table for the Doubles Break
Well done Sarah!
It has been 15 years since the NSW Clay Target Association had the privilege of inducting a Skeet Hall Of Fame Member.
 Congratulations Shane Bennett on this wonderful achievement!
Glenn Clarke and Michael Buttigieg set a new record for the Two Man Team at the 2017 Skeet Nationals. Their score of 1087/1100 beat last years record by 6 targets!!
Michael Buttigieg won 4 National titles at the 2017 Skeet Nationals, he smashed the Australian 12 guage long break record of 565 set in 2000 by Adrian Cousens. Michael shot a new record of 783.
Penny Smith of Australia, 21, won the first shotgun final of the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi, India, claiming today's Trap Women Gold medal with 40 hits, setting the new world record.
All records were re-set at the beginning of the year, as the new 2017 ISSF Technical Rules were introduced. The Trap Women final has changed, and is now conducted with a new elimination-style format. According to the 2017 rules, all six finalists shoot 25 targets, and then the lowest-ranking athlete is eliminated. From there on, after every five shot, the lowest ranking finalist has to leave the match until the Bronze medal is decided. When only two athletes are left on the line, 10 more targets are thrown to decide Gold and Silver.
Smith had never won an ISSF medal before: she had achieved her best placement at the 2016 ISSF World Cup in San Marino, where she had closed the event in 10th place. She made it today, shooting an excellent match on the new format.
"It's fantastic. A bit overwhelming but really cool." Smith said after the match. "It's been a process. I didn't train too well leading into the competition, so it's good to come away with a win."
"It has been a really good experience. This will be my only world cup event this year. The aim for the season is to make it through the Commonwealth Games selection."
To climb atop of today's podium, the young Australian shooter outscored the 2012 Olympic Champion Jessica Rossi, who finished in second with 38 hits. Rossi had won her last world cup medal back in 2013, in Acapulco.
Final Double Trap Men
James Willett pockets Australia's second Gold medal in New Delhi ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun
In his third year as a senior shooter, the 21-year-old from the city of Mulwala, New South Wales, pocketed the third World Cup medal of his career. Home favorite Ankul Mittal and Great Britain's James Dedman completed the podium by respectively taking Silver and Bronze.
The third Shotgun event of the ISSF World Cup Stage 1 in New Delhi (IND) crowned another young Australian, as Double Trap Men shooter James Willett (21) doubled the Gold medal pocketed by women's Trap athlete Penny Smith on February 24th.
At the Dr. Karni Shooting Range, Willett took an early lead in the match by crushing all of his first 36 targets, but gradually lost ground to India's Ankur Mittal (24) and found himself tied with his rival after 30 doubles, when the two of them were the only remaining shooters in the match.
There the Indian missed three hits in a very short span of time, while Willett shot with great precision and found himself sitting on a consistent gap with only five doubles remaining. The Australian athlete managed his advantage wisely, maintaining the lead and collecting the Gold medal with 75 hits, against Mittal's with 74.
"The crowd was pretty passionate at the range," Willett said after the medal ceremony. "They had a member of their team among the finalist so there was a lot of clapping and cheering. The atmosphere was good and also the weather conditions were quite nice."
"I'll keep competing in Double Trap this year, I'll try to be at the top for the World Championship and for the Commonwealth Games," added the Gold medalist.
"I'll soon switch to Trap," he concluded, talking about his plans for the mid-future. the podium by respectively taking Silver and Bronze.
s a lot of clapping and cheering. The atmosphere was good and also the weather conditions were quite nice."


"I'll keep competing in Double Trap this year, I'll try to be at the top for the World Championship and for the Commonwealth Games," added the Gold medalist.


"I'll soon switch to Trap," he concluded, talking about his plans for the mid-future.
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