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Covid-19 Update
Firstly, thank you to all of the clubs that have sent me confirmation emails in the last week that you will comply with your State's Covid-19 legislation and requested approval from me to restart. I hope each of you have received back your approval email from me. If you haven't, please contact me again ASAP so I can urgently provide this to you.
Many clubs, however, have not yet performed this step, so please let me communicate further on this. As there may be some confusion, I feel that I need to clarify exactly what the process is regarding the reactivation of Clubs in our sport as there appear to be a number of clubs that are seeking a better understanding, and there also appears to me some misinformation being circulated. I have had clubs asking why / who cancelled insurances and others refusing to advise formal compliance with Covid-19 legislation and safety protocols. These assertions and responses are not very productive and can serve no purpose. So, please, let me spell out the facts around this issue:
1. The reason for the implementation of the approval process stems from us, in the first place, advising all clubs, (as you will recall), to cease activity at the end of March when the Prime Minister legislated and banned all mass gatherings and placed the country into lockdown.
2. The insurance of all affiliated clubs, members and activities is entrenched in the wording of the policy that stipulates that the insurance cover is valid only for authorised and approved events / competitions / activities / travel associated with the Association. Because we sent out formal advice that said "don't shoot", we then need to mandate when you can be approved to "restart shooting".
3. When we discussed the best method of restarting activity with the insurer, their advice was that the ACTA needs to ensure that all clubs take personal responsibility to confirm compliance with their required legal obligations, hence this step. This is because any unlawful activity automatically voids insurance, which is clearly stated in the policy. (i.e.: this would absolutely include unlawful mass gatherings).
4. The method we have adopted protects the Association and its Directors by now requiring formal advice from each club that they will comply with their State's Covid-19 prevention strategy. In doing so, the onus for compliance, once formally advised by the club, rests with the club.
5. This method has been instituted as the ACTA cannot physically travel around the country to ensure that each individual club is complying with their State's Covid-19-safety legislation. The best we can do is advise you of your State or Territory regulations, then when you provide formal advice back to us that you will comply, we trust in your advice and approve your club to resume activity.
6. IF you choose not to advise us that you will comply, or refuse to agree to meet the covid-19 requirements as spelled out in your State's or Territory's legislation, we simply cannot and will not approve your club's activity.
7. Just advising us that your club is returning to shooting is not sufficient. Unless you advise us in writing that you will comply, we cannot approve the resumption of your club.
So, to make this perfectly simple, your club Secretary, President of Delegate needs to send us an email that says, at a minimum:
We, the _________________ Club, have read the ACTA's Club Guidelines and have implemented procedures and signage to ensure that we comply with our state's health and safety requirements for Covid-19. We seek your approval to resume club shooting activity and will ensure that our members strictly conform with Social Gathering and Distancing requirements.
If you wish to copy and paste the above statement, please feel free. Just send it to me so I can approve your member's return as soon as your club has all of the requirements in place.
I hope this clarifies our position on this issue. We are not trying to be heavy handed … to the contrary … we just have a process that needs to be followed in order to focus your attention on the requirements that everyone will be held accountable to, and to protect the health and safety of all participants, which at the end of the day, the everyone's primary concern and ambition.
If you need any further advice on this or any other issue, please contact me so we can discuss.
Paul Gilbert
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Clay Target Association Inc